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Discover Comfortable and Affordable Stays at HOMESTAY KOKOPO


Homestay Kokopo, East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea.

Discover Comfortable and Affordable Stays at HOMESTAY KOKOPO!

Greetings from Kokopo! I'm Lydia Kapera, the proud owner of HOMESTAY KOKOPO, your perfect home away from home in the stunning East New Britain Province of Papua New Guinea.

Established in 2021, our family-run accommodation is designed with budget-conscious travelers in mind. Whether you're an adventurer seeking the natural beauty of Kokopo or a curious explorer of local cultures, we have you covered.

Our guests can't stop talking about us! Thanks to our thriving Facebook community and the wonderful recommendations from our guests, HOMESTAY KOKOPO has become a cozy haven that's been embraced by families, friends, and business connections near and far.

You may have seen our name pop up on your Facebook feed – that's because we're excited to connect with you! Your journey matters to us, and that's why we're reaching out through this blog post. We're thrilled about the opportunity to introduce you to the enriching experiences we offer and how they could be the perfect fit for your next adventure.

Beyond our warm hospitality, we have a unique story that sets us apart. My husband's expertise in promoting tourism in Papua New Guinea led him to play a pivotal role in establishing the Kavieng International Airport. His visionary efforts opened doors for travel enthusiasts across the world, and that spirit continues with HOMESTAY KOKOPO.

Now, imagine yourself unwinding in the lush landscapes of East New Britain, greeted by a home where affordability meets comfort. That's what HOMESTAY KOKOPO promises you – an authentic, welcoming, and memorable stay that captures the heart of Kokopo's beauty.

Join us in this exciting journey of exploration and discovery. Let's make your visit to Kokopo an experience you'll cherish forever. Reach out to us today, and let's start planning your unforgettable getaway!

Warm island regards,
Lydia Kapera
Owner - Director.
Mobile: (+675) 7992 6252

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